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Apr '15
By: DeNova | Posted in: cheek filler, cheeks, fillers

Over a certain age, we know what sagging facial skin is because we see it every time we look in the mirror. Do you see a crease that starts from the corner of the mouth and extends down to the jaw line? This line is called an oral commissure groove, drool line, or marionette line. As we age we sometimes look like we are sad when we are not. Sometimes we get lines between our...

Oct '14

Q: Do you have any advice regarding hair loss?

A: Thank goodness it's 2014 - we now have multiple options for hair growth! Our first one is the well-known vitamin Biotin. Biotin is a coenzyme and B Vitamin that works by supporting the health of skin, nerves, metabolism and nails. It's thought that having a deficiency in this vitamin can lead to thinning hair. While there is much hype that Biotin is the best vitamin for hair growth, unfortunately there is little evidence to suggest that it's effective in the treatment of hair loss, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

We now offer a hair...

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