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Aug '14

"Doctor, I thought I wanted plastic surgery, but my friend just had a face-lift and she looks so strange. Now I'm sure I will never have plastic surgery. Besides, I can always tell when someone had something done. It never looks right, I want to look natural."

Dr. Dayan and his staff have often heard these words said by patients. It's tempting to explain why these fears are unfounded and based on extreme cases. However, there is some truth to the fear. Dr. Dayan explains that our affair with the concept of "better" and "youth" often blinds people until they've undergone a procedure for a new nose or bigger lips or sharper brows...

Aug '14

What is Subliminal Difference you ask? It's a concept that Dr. Dayan developed and it's what drives his philosophy on aesthetic medicine. He writes about it in his New York Times Bestseller, Subliminally Exposed

Harnessing the Power of the First Impression
When we make a step toward improving our attractiveness signal by getting a hairstyle and makeup that are perfectly appropriate for our...

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